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The Buffer

You know the worst part about live streaming? When your up link bandwidth can’t support your video stream. Even when you are suppose to have plenty of bandwidth. Viewers are expecting high quality video, you have all the equipment to do high quality video streaming but, you are held hostage to the up link capacity. You’re not the only one, every live streaming team has experienced issues with up link by one form or another.

To overcome the bandwidth issue, you need The Buffer by Streaming for Jesus.

  • Publish the Highest Quality Video no matter what your up link capacity is
  • Real time monitoring via Web GUI
  • One high quality stream up, transcoded in the cloud, published to any CDN (optional)
  • Plug & Play small form factor
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LED Video Walls

Why choose a LED Video Wall over a traditional projector?

Because it’s smarter, brighter, lower maintenance and cost effective.

You dream it. We’ll build it, plus install it. Every LED wall is custom made to order. A fully custom design based on your exact specifications and your vision for the ultimate video wall display experience.

Two great starting points with your led wall are:

  1. How far away from the LED Wall will the first seat/person be.
  2. What are the height and width of the space the LED wall will be placed at.

Because there are so many possibilities with LED Video Walls, give us a call to get started.



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SFJ Live Encoder

SFJ Live delivers real video and audio encoding at the highest quality, spcifically for the church market. Due to our highly robust software solution, we can process multiple bit rates and formats for live viewing to any device.

  • Developed by Us, for Churches
  • Harmonius Cloud Integration
  • Solid Performance
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  • Live Streaming
  • Live Transcoding
  • Resilient Multisite Streaming
  • Streaming Consulting

Live Streaming

All your messages can be enhanced with video! Individuals are consuming online video content in increasing volumes, and demanding the highest quality with no excuses. Online video streaming has become a central form of communication that ministries rely on to reach their audience on any device, anywhere.

Everyone wants the best but, most of the time the best means the most expensive. We have tied Akamai’s CDN into our online application.



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Live Transcoding

Our SFJ Cloud application has built in Live Transcoding Services. This is an encoding service that transcodes a single high resolution stream into multiple output streams in real time.

With just one high resolution bit rate we take it and effortlessly cascade down to multiple bit rates. This enables you to reach all your audience no matter what device they are viewing on it in real time. The cloud offering enables not only ministries to save time, but money.

Our goal with our transcoding services is to shorten your workflows and give you 100% reach of your audience.

Resilient Multisite Streaming

Our Resilient Multi-site Software is a unique industry first; this includes our advanced resilient method of downloading the media segments locally before playing the video back. We challenge clients to unplug their internet while using our software. No competitor would dare.

Volunteers LOVE IT! Our software provides simple control of the process of downloading, cueing and reliable playback. Volunteers enjoy amplified buttons with a variety of rich gauge displays. What really separates us from the competition, via web portal you can see and communicate with each multi-site church in real time.

There’s no question that SFJ’s RMSS is truly the only totally integrated platform in the world for multi-site streaming.

  • Works On MAC Or PC
  • Easy To Use
  • Real Time Stats
  • Real Time Chat
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Streaming Consulting

The StreamingForJesus team, as developers of cutting edge video cloud tools and streaming systems, has acquired deep expertise and experience across a wide range of video-over-IP technologies, architecture and end-to-end solutions. Our experts work with our clients to plan, design and implement realistic video streaming systems.