Multi-Site Church 4K Is The Way

Multi Site Church have you noticed 4K is here? 4K is being driven by consumers while broadcast is slow to adopt. Why is broadcast slow to adopt? Perhaps because of the heavy investment of equipment they made into 1080 HD. So then why are Multi-Site Churches not adopting it faster. 4K and the Multi-Site Church model were made for another. Just like Salt & Pepper or Mac-n-Cheese, Adam & Eve, you get the point.

Multi-Site-Church, 4K allows you to deliver your main campus experience at 4X the resolution (pixels) than traditional 1080 HD. Hence CHURCH, you can go BIG with superb quality. Let me give you an example, a movie theater. Did you know most movie theaters are playing back video in 4K resolution. Sitting in the movie theater you really get immersed into the movie don’t you? (I will admit, having a great audio system does help). Multi Site Church, You can do the same thing with your main campus experience to all your multi site campuses.

Would you not have a better experience of the main campus with a huge brilliant LED 4K display like a movie theater compared with two significantly smaller 1080 videos playing back on projectors. By the way, you can only focus on one playback at a time. We all would agree, bigger is better especially with a higher quality video display. 4K video quality starts at the camera lens.

4K production does not have to be expensive nor complicated. Fact: your production equipment should not only be easy for volunteers, but more importantly redundant. As I mentioned earlier consumers are driving this one, so naturally you will have vendors accommodating the different budgets. What is very appealing is Black Magic Designs solution for 4K. We all have used Black Magics Gear especially when bridging the gap between SD & HD so it makes sense to use them going from HD to 4K. With their production equipment offerings, it not only helps with the budget, but most importantly with volunteers. No matter what production equipment you go with, the important thing is getting that 4K signal to the 4K encoder for distribution.

True 4K 60fps encoding is being done with the SFJ Live Encoder. Let’s be honest, it is taking a lot of processing power to make that happen, especially with the H.265 codec. Processing power in terms of multiple GPU’s. Again, we are taking in a 12Gbps stream and brilliantly encoding it for H.265 around 25Mbps. I know some of you are saying a 25 Mbps stream, that is some serious bandwidth we don’t have. You have options to make up for the lack of capacity in bandwidth. Such as the SFJ Buffer or reducing the bit rate.

Displaying your main campus experience on a LED wall makes sense. Compared to all other methods, nothing will give you a brighter, larger, longer lasting true experience of your main campus than a LED wall. Picture it, a 4K resolution LED wall will be over 19 feet wide and about 14 feet tall. The quality will be unlike anyone has seen before. By using that 4K LED wall, you are giving everyone a reason to invite somebody they normally would not to church. Not only will it WOW people by its sheer size they will also have a unique experience. Face it, it really does make a great conversational piece (Hence Marketing). Compared to your other methods of 4K displays like projectors a LED wall will be significantly cheaper. Plus, the Youth and Pastor could hook their video game console into it for massive gaming parties.

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