LED Video Walls

Upgrade to LED’s: It’s the wisest way to go

Why choose a LED Video Wall over a traditional projector?

Because it’s smarter, brighter, lower maintainance and cost effective.

You dream it. We’ll build it, plus install it. Every LED wall is custom made to order. A fully custom design based on your exact specifications and your vision for the ultimate video wall display experience.

Because there are so many possibilities with LED Video Walls, give us a call to get started!



We are offering high quality P4 LED wall to replace your current projectors. P4 has a minimum viewing distance of 12 feet and optimal viewing of 20 feet.

The price is for everything you need to operate your LED wall and delivered to the church.

  • Wall size of about 8.4 feet wide 16:9 format (15 cabinets total)
  • SMD 2020
  • Die Cast Alumn Cabinets
  • All receiving cards
  • 1 Sending box controller
  • All cables for power and data
  • Hanging bars
  • 5 year warranty



What can you expect from an onsite LED demo?

  • We will bring a LED wall onto your campus
  • We will walk you through the setup of the wall
  • We will use your provided images and videos for demonstration purposes or we can use ours.
  • You can test it out in your environment, including having all lights on the wall during operation
  • Find out which pixel pitch works best for your LED wall usage
  • Learn what makes up a LED wall and how do you operate it
  • Experience how bright and vivid the LEDs are compared to your current projectors
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