When Driving the Sermon on a DVD to Each Multi-Site Location Fails

The convenience of driving your sermon to your multi-site location has two advantages; assurances of high quality video and reliability of playback. At least, you would think so.

We are hearing from new clients as to why they are moving away from SneakerNet, driving their sermons recorded earlier to a more convenient and assured method such as our Resilient Multi-Site Streaming. Clients tell us the DVD they used from a previous service, for whatever reason, did not contain the sermon. If it did the quality did not meet their expectations.

After the first service is over, a file of the service is ripped to DVD. A volunteer takes the DVD and drives it to the secondary location, which takes about 20 minutes to drive, and hands it off to another volunteer to playback for their service, which starts in 10 minutes. When the onsite volunteer pops it in the computer to copy it over, there is nothing to copy. So service is about to start in 10 minutes and the DVD is blank. Now what?

I know it’s easy to say just use a jump drive or portable hard drive or check the DVD prior to it leaving the main campus. Yes, one would think, but we are talking about volunteers who do not do this for a living and the quality check can sometimes fall through the cracks.

Also, if you are still running DVD’s, you’re using a very low quality video. DVD’s have limited space on them that prevents high quality video to be used, such as ProRes. With today’s HD encoders they can produce a much better quality video than what a DVD can hold.

Another way DVD’s fail you is your one service at your Multi-Site, which is packed each weekend. You’re growing and busting at the seams with just one service. The only logical solution is to add another service. So now adding an additional service introduces more problems. The main campus 9am service is what is being recorded and sent to the multi-sites. If you have an earlier service starting at the multi-site the option of driving the DVD is not there.

To solve all these problems you simply need a solid way to get your HD signal from the first service to each site. How you ask? Easy, Streaming For Jesus’s Resilient Multi-Site Streaming solution provides ministry’s the assurance and quality video delivery to their Multi-Sites.

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