A Churches Virtual Reality (VR) Streaming Strategy

2016 will be the biggest release of VR gear for the consumer market. If you haven’t heard, VR is the next biggest thing. How do

Flash is DEAD Church

It was about 10 years ago that I wrote an article about how Microsoft Windows Media Player was losing the battle to Flash. Flash quickly

Multi-Site Church 4K Is The Way

Multi Site Church have you noticed 4K is here? 4K is being driven by consumers while broadcast is slow to adopt. Why is broadcast slow

4K Multi-Site Streaming

This article is for Multi-Site churches that have or are looking to make the investment into 4K. Multi-Site churches that have sites in movie theaters

Multi-Site Streaming Solution – The questions to ask when shopping

The multi-site churches across the world, more specifically in North America, are each faced with the same question: Will they have live-preaching or video delivery