4K Multi-Site Streaming

This article is for Multi-Site churches that have or are looking to make the investment into 4K. Multi-Site churches that have sites in movie theaters can really take advantage of 4K, since most movie theaters are already projecting in 4K. Seeing your pastor in 4K in a movie theater, sorry, but that is just too cool. What churches are excited about is the ability to capture the main sites’ experience in a 4K resolution and have it displayed brilliantly on large screens at each site, movie theater not necessary. Now unlike 1080, 4K resolution comes with over 4X the bandwidth needed to transport it. Each site will need any advantage to playback the experience uninterrupted and that advantage is StreamingForJesus’s Resilient Multi-Site Streaming solution. Our solution enables you to, Encode, Transport, and Playback your 4K content both in the most reliable and cost effective way.

4K Multi-Site Streaming Encoding

The go-to product for your 4K multi-site encoding is the Elemental L601AE. This 1U rack mount computer has everything you need to handle your 4K encoding. What makes this unit versatile is the fact you can still do lower resolutions if you are not yet ready for 4K. Elemental is using high-end NVIDIA GPUs to handle full frame rate encoding of p50 or p60. StreamingForJesus takes advantage of Elementals robust API to make it easy for your volunteers to operate the encoder. Nice big buttons that say, Start, Stop, and automatically move your archive to any computer or storage device on your network.

4K Multi-Site Streaming Transport

While encoding up to 25Mbps you will need reliable transport. We recommend and use the only CDN whom has the capacity to handle that, Akamai. By leveraging Akamai’s global CDN, your multi-sites will download each 4K segment from the nearest Akamai edge server to your computer running our software. By utilizing Akamai’s HD Network, you get analytics for quality and audience sizes.

4K Multi-Site Streaming Playback

Each of your Multi-Sites will need to be able to playback the 4K video. This is easily done with our Resilient Multi-Site Software. Of course, our software runs on your standard Mac computer, so no need for special decoding hardware. Our software reliably downloads the 4K segments from Akamai’s CDN first, does a sanity check on them and queues it up for stable playback. Of course, with our software you get real time stats for each site as well as historical stats to spot potential problems.

No doubt, 4K brings about a dramatic increase in quality. With this, you will witness an increase of engagement to your audience. Multi-Site churches can engage their audience better with the highest quality, but also those that have 4K ready TV’s can enjoy a better experience at home (including home groups, small groups and much more).

Ready to make the investment into 4K? Give us a call for a more in-depth solution for your ministry.

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