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SFJ Live Encoder

SFJ delivers real time video and audio encoding at the highest quality, specifically for the church market. Due to our highly robust software solution we can process multiple bit rates and formats for live viewing to any device.

  • Developed By Us
  • Harmonious Cloud Intergration
  • Solid Performance
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SFJ Cloud Platform

When you’re logged into our cloud platform, the sum is indeed deeper than it’s parts… And when the parts are all revolutionary, industry changing innovations you get SFJ’s unrivaled integrated streaming platform.

SFJ offers much more than just bandwidth, unlike our competitors. Instead we given our customers, a comprehensive, integrated platform unequaled in performance, innovation and customization and rock solid reliability by true redundancy.

SFJ designs and builds everything on our platform, with an eye on the future to ensure total, seamless integration of innovation with your future streaming.

  • Desined, Built and Maintained IN-HOUSE
  • Fully Redundant
  • Forward Thinking
  • Pay As You Go
  • RMSS Software
  • RMSS Appliance

RMSS Software

Our Resilient Multi-site Software is an unique industry first; this includes our advanced resilient method of downloading the media segments locally before playing the video back. We challenge clients to unplug their internet while using our software, no competitor would dare.

Volunteers LOVE IT! Our software provides simple control of the process of downloading, cuing and reliable playback. Volunteers enjoy amplified buttons with a variety of rich gauge displays. What really separates us from the competition, via web portal you can see and communicate with each multi-site church in real time.

There’s no question that SFJ’s RMSS is truly the only totally integrated platform in the world for multi-site streaming.

  • Works With Any MAC or PC
  • Easy To Use
  • Real Time Stats
  • Real Time Chat
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RMSS Appliance

We started with a clean Chic design and put everything we know about making world class software that is reliable and easy to use for our single and dual channel models.

From downloading and storing media files locally there is now more room in the RMSS Appliance so bring not only your main service video feed, but also pre roll videos and get ready to enjoy your best multi site streaming experience ever, because we give you the ability to play as many pre roll videos before the main service.


Across the board advancements in engineering and design bring a new level of stability and performance to the SFJ’s appliance, delivering true downloading and phenomenal stable playback.

Just like our RMSS Software the RMSS Appliance offers multi site churches of all sizes and volunteers and easy to use solution.

With Streaming for Jesus, the Truth is in the Stream.

Schedule your demo and see how the RMSS Appliance can maximize your multi-site video streaming up-time.

  • Single Or Dual Video Playback
  • Easy To Use
  • Real Time Stats
  • Real Time Chat
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LED Video Wall

Welcome to the future: make any size LED video wall you want for each of the multi-site campuses or main campus. With the introduction of our exclusive LED Video Walls, SFJ changes the game yet again.

Imagine a consistent bright and vivid playback experience at your multi-site church. The performance is unprecedented, nothing else out there can touch it.

LED video walls easily outperform projectors in terms of cost, brightness and maintenance. Do not settle for a projector when you can easily obtain LEDs. LEDs give your congregation the ultimate video playback experience.

  • Constant Bright Living Colors
  • Minimal Maintainance
  • Front or Rear Access
  • 5 Year Warranty

We are offering high quality P4 LED wall to replace your current projectors. P4 has a minimum viewing distance of 12 feet and optimal viewing of 20 feet.

The price is for everything you need to operate your LED wall and delivered to the church.


  • Wall size of about 8.4 feet wide 16:9 format (15 cabinets total)
  • SMD 2020
  • Die Cast Alumn Cabinets
  • All receiving cards
  • 1 Sending box controller
  • All cables for power and data
  • Hanging bars
  • 5 year warranty

What can you expect from an onsite LED demo?

  • We will bring a LED wall onto your campus
  • We will walk you through the setup of the wall
  • We will use your provided images and videos for demonstration purposes or we can use ours.
  • You can test it out in your environment, including having all lights on the wall during operation
  • Find out which pixel pitch works best for your usage
  • Learn what makes up a LED wall and how do you operate it
  • Experience how bright and vivid the LEDs are compared to your current projectors
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